Dog Breath Pet CPR and First Aid Training:

Dog Breath Pet CPR and First Aid is owned and operated by Georgia native, animal lover and den mother Katt Cobb. Katt grew up working with her step-mom, a Nationally Certified Master Groomer, before going off to explore life and pursue a degree in Psychology. During this time, her step-mother took the Pet Tech CPR course, which has allowed her to take emergency action and save precious pets on her own grooming table! In early 2016, after hearing about how important that training had been, and learning that training to become a Pet Tech Instructor was coming up in the near future, it was like a bell went off! After all, the Psychology degree was to help people - what better way to help people than to give them the knowledge and confidence to be the best, strongest and smartest Pet Parent they could?

The Petsavers class is a roughly 8 hour class designed to help instill not only emergency maneuvers into the pet parent or professional, but to also teach preventative care. This is in hopes that it will keep emergencies at bay and help your furry love age more gracefully for a longer, happier life to share with the ones they love! The class covers CPR, Choking hazards and maneuvers, first-aid for bleeding, poisons, and stings. In addition, the Petsavers class covers dental care, and caring for your pet from puppy to senior. The class combines lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice so you feel more confident in knowing what you are doing! 8 hours may seem like a long time to sit in a class, but it is fun, interactive and goes by oh-so-fast! You'll be laughing and learning all through the day in a fun atmosphere with other pet lovers, while learning valuable information and skills to improve the life of your sweet furry loves!

If 8 hours still feels like too much time in today's busy world, fret not! The CPR and First Aid section of the course can be taken as a stand-alone! You will be trained right alongside the Petsavers class, and will participate in the same fun and interactive learning environment! When we break for lunch, you will leave with new and exciting skills to take home to your pet and family!

It won't be long until the warm weather is back and you are ready to get out and about in Atlanta with your sweet pets! Are you ready for any hazards the city might offer?

Get ready with Dog Breath Pet CPR and First Aid Training!




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Chamblee Class 3/26

at Vintage Pizzeria Chamblee!

Pet CPR and First Aid 3/26/17

   - 4 Hour Class/ $70


Chamblee Class 4/23

at Vintage Pizzeria Chamblee!

Pet CPR and First Aid 4/23/17

   - 4 Hour Class/ $70


Savannah Class 5/07


Pet CPR and First Aid 5/07/17

   - 4 Hour Class/ $70


Chamblee Class 5/21

at Vintage Pizzeria Chamblee!

Pet CPR and First Aid 5/21/17

   - 4 Hour Class/ $70


Chamblee Class 6/11

at Vintage Pizzeria Chamblee!

Pet CPR and First Aid 6/11/17

   - 4 Hour Class/ $70




Don't see a class that works for you? Please call +1 770/3495182 +1 770/3495182 check out our How To Sponsor page, or use our contact form. I'd love to set up a class near you!

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